Our Name

Who was Cornelius? 

Cornelius Foundation is named after two men named Cornelius. Both men are examples of what it means to reach people of every nation to share our resources, love, and the good news of Jesus Christ.

Cornelius #1 

Cornelius is the godly man in Acts: 10 of the Holy Bible, who gave generously to those in need.  Through a set of amazing circumstances (which violated many Jewish rules) Peter came to the home of Cornelius, a gentile, to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  This story teaches that the gospel is for people of every nation and background.

Cornelius #2 

C. Cornelius Byrd (1898-1972) was actually named after the first Cornelius.  Father to one of the founders of CFI, this Cornelius also lived out a life of kindness and generosity to others.